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The focus of the internet of things (IoT) must pivot to achieve health care potential.

October 9, 2022

In many ways, internet of things (IoT) is a double-edged sword: connected devices are capturing huge volumes and varieties of data that can be mined for everything from potentially life-saving health care information to guidance toward peak athletic performance, but it is incredibly difficult to convert that raw data into truly meaningful and actionable insights.

IDC projects that, by 2025, IoT devices will generate more than 73 zettabytes of data globally – that’s 73 billion terabytes – and 152,200 IoT devices will connect to the internet every minute. In 2019, we saw 86 percent of health care organizations using some form of IoT technology, including a whopping 646 million IoT devices. That, coupled with increasing demand for remote monitoring and telemedicine created by the pandemic is driving a global IoT market that is expected to exceed $158 billion by the end of this year – and more than $534 billion by 2025.

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