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‘Laboratory For Motion’ Uses AI To Turn Movements Into Clinical Endpoints.

Deborah Borfitz
August 25, 2022

Movement can now be used as a functional biomarker and endpoint for all sorts of treatments—including orthopedic surgery for bad knees and hips, spinal cord stimulation for debilitating back pain, weight-loss programs for obesity, and even laser surgery for glaucoma. Physicians are really all rehabilitative medicine specialists whose goal is to get patients to move better, according to Frank Fornari, Ph.D., chairman and founder of BioMech Holdings, LLC, which has created a clinically relevant “laboratory for motion.”

Fornari has been doing mathematical modeling work since the 1980s, but only recently has the hardware and processing power become available for the initial artificial intelligence (AI)-based development of motion analytics applications in all its dimensional complexities in a matter of weeks rather than years, he says. Any aspect of movement that clinicians might want to quantify relative to a norm can be easily captured in minutes or seconds by the BioMech Lab platform…

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