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Bringing Physical Therapy Home with the Help of AI and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

PT Products Magazine
March 12, 2024

By Dr. Frank Fornari, Chairman and Founder, BioMech Health

Technological innovations are allowing a growing number of healthcare services to be provided in the patient’s home, including remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). AI is changing the healthcare paradigm with real-time, clinically relevant medical technology that evaluates patient performance, improves patient adherence, and increases clinician access. It also improves the medical economics of treating a wide variety of pathologies. AI-driven, in-home care, under the watchful eye of one’s physical therapist, has been significantly enhanced by bringing together easy-to-use mobile applications, connected devices, data analysis, patients, practitioners, and payers.

RTM does not replace face-to-face interaction, initial in-person assessments, hands-on interventions, or the need for specialized equipment. RTM increases access to care, enables continuous tracking of a patient’s progress, identifies potential issues or setbacks early on, empowers patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation, can reduce the need for frequent in-person visits, minimizing travel expenses and time commitments for patients, and optimizes healthcare resources…

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